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We offer custom play areas built with your choice or materials. We sell and installseveral types of borders to surround the play area and contain the mulch allowing for easy trouble free maintenance. 

  • Trex Landscape Borders
  • Wooden Landscape Timbers
  • Q&E Poly Landscape Borders
  • Rubber Landscape Borders

We offer Rubber Mulch for ground cover under your swing set.

We will do Yard evaluations to help you with your space. There is NO Charge for this service.

Quick and Easy Landscape Borders

  • Quick & Easy Locking System
  • No Trimming or Edging
  • Cavity for Drip Tubing
  • Will not crack
  • DIY Friendly
  • Reusable
  • Affordable
  • Durable.

The Q&E Landscape System..... Installing landscape borders was never so quick and easy

trex landscape borders Trex Landscape Border
Wooden Landscape BordersWooden Landscape Timbers
Q&E Landscape BordersQ&E Landscape Borders
Rubber Landscape BordersRubber Landscape Borders

Before Landscape Borders Before Landscape Borders
After Landscape Borders After Landscape Borders
Q&E Landscape Border system Q&E Landscape Borders
landscape_border systemQ&E Landscape Borders

Quick and Easy Landscape Border System

For the do-it-yourselfer, the Quick and Easy Landscape Border System is available in boxed sets. Combine the boxes to make different shapes and sizes. Great for any area.


After Landscape Borders Brown set 8180
Q&E Landscape Border system Gray Border set 8225
landscape_border systemStone Border set 8450
landscape_border systemQ&E Landscape Borders