Rubber mulch for your colorado swing set

Colorado Swing Set Company

Offers rubber mulch and ladscape borders to create a safe and wonderful play area for your chldren.

We offer full service set-up and installation. We can custom build your child's dream play area.

Kushionland rubber playground mulch is the most superior ground surface today.

Rubber Playground Mulch

Rubber Mulch or crumb rubber is the newest, most attractive, affordable, weather resistant playground surface in the marketplace!

Our exclusive color combinations bring a completely new look and safety to the backyard or commercial playground. You can purchase Playground Rubber Mulch (crumb rubber) in 7 solid colors or our special mix, Serengeti. It is also available in a natural black color that can be purchased alone or mixed with any of our colors.

rubber playground mulch Black playground mulch
rubber playground mulch Cedar playground mulch
rubber playground mulch Brown playground mulch
rubber playground mulch Serengeti playground mulch

rubber playground mulch Green playground mulch
rubber mulch Cypress playground mulch
playground mulch Blue playground mulch

Why rubber playground mulch?

  • It’s the most resilient play surface available.
  • It’s one of the safest ground covers available-passes all the fall tests from a 6’ height with only a 3” base.
  • It’s maintenance-free. It doesn’t need to be replenished often..
  • It does not become hard packed after use (like sand & grass can).
  • All colored product is flame retardant & the natural black product is flame resistant.
  • It will not support insects.
  • It’s a cat “unfriendly” surface..
  • It’s almost totally metal free.
  • It does not freeze or become hard in winter climates.
  • It’s non-toxic.

Rubber Mulch Coverage

Rubber Mulch (crumb rubber) is available in 7 solid colors or Natural Black. Sold in 20 lb bags. (.8 cubic feet)

Coverage: 10x10 area
1.5" requires 19 bags
3" requires 39 bags
6" requires 75 bags